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24 Inch Spread Bar Kit with Cuffs

Your Price: $55.00
Part Number: AD534-Kit

This set contains 4 cuffs and a 24 inch bondage bar. The cuffs are made of an inner layer of comfy Neoprene, with an outer strap of adjustable nylon secured with Velcro. The cuffs are durable, easy to use, and can be removed quickly. The bar is a fixed length and each side supports 2 swivel snap hooks. Included is a bonus 4 way hog tie restraint for even more bondage possibilities! 

Measurements: Bar: 24 inches in length; Cuffs: Fits wrists and ankles up to 13.5 inches in circumference, 2 inches in width 

Material: Iron, Neoprene, velcro, zinc 

Color: Black 

Note: Kit includes (1) bondage bar, (4) adjustable cuffs, and (1) cross tie restraint



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