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Easy Access Restraint System

Your Price: $33.00
Part Number: STVE535-Neopre

This device is getting many compliments. It is comfortable, versatile and an inexpensive spreader system. The cuffs are made of heavy duty nylon on the outside to hold the strongest, yet comfortable neoprene on the inside.

The spreader mid-section is rigid so they can not adjust their position. The mid section is made of nylon with a reinforced bar underneath. Cuffs secure using heavy duty Velcro. The ankles are 16 inches apart while the wrist is 9 inches apart. There are a variety of fun positions to secure your partner in.

Measurements: 22 inches in total length, ankle cuffs are 16 inches apart, wrist cuffs are 9 inches apart, cuffs measure 15 inches in circumference

Material: Neoprene, nylon, Velcro, metal

Color: Black

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