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The Caesar 2.0 Love Machine

Your Price: $585.00
Part Number: 1077317
Upgrade to the best around, The Caesar 2.0 Love Machine. The Caesar features a stable flat base design, quite motor and and adjustable settings for height, angle and speed.

Features and Specs:
  • Includes a 7 inch CyberSkin dildo and CyberSkin vaginal masturbator.
  • 0-130 pumps per minute.
  • Barrel made of high strength, light weight aluminum and is easily removed for incognito storage.
  • 180 degree barrel angle adjustment with simple handle lock.
  • Adjustable barrel height from 6 inches to 22 inches.
  • Remote control with 6 foot cord length and additional 15 foot cord length to the motor.
  • Dimensions of 20 inches x 16 inches x 27 inches.
  • Stroke length of approx. 3 inches.
  • Flat base designed to slip between mattress and box spring.
  • For use on flat surfaces, choose 65 strokes per minute maximum.



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